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suggesting a topic for a paper/presentation /

suggesting a topic for a paper/presentation
Could I write a seminar paper about ď...Ē? 12 0
I would really like to give a presentation on ... 12 0
Since I need a [certificate/record of performance] I would like to know whether/if it is possible to write a paper on ... for your seminar? 12 0
Is it possible to choose a topic that isnít on the list with the proposed topics? 12 0
I have already taken a look at the list of topics. Could I still submit my own topic? 12 0
I find [this topic/approach] really interesting; I came across it while reading. 12 0
I was getting a lot of ideas from your seminar, this is why Iím particularly interested in ... 12 0
In my paper I would like to focus on... . Do you think it makes sense? 12 0