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refusing to help /

refusing to help
I'm sorry, but I'm not permitted to do so. 12 0
Unfortunately, I donít think I can help you with that. 12 0
Iím sorry, I really wish I could be of more help/service, but I donít think I can be of any further assistance to you. 12 0
Well, unfortunately, I wonít be able to supervise/mentor you on this particular project. 12 0
Iím sorry, but I wonít be able to issue you with a certificate of completion yet/right now becauseÖ/asÖ 12 0
Unfortunately, Iím not too sure about that. 12 0
Actually Iím probably not the right person to speak to about that. 12 0
Due to [X] that won't be possible. 12 0
I'm sorry, but this (actually) is not common here/in Germany. 12 0